Fully Staged World Premiere

Listings that fall under “Fully Staged World Premiere” typically means the show is fully formed and ready for the stage, to include design and technical support (light, sound, set, costumes, props), so that audience members will have world premiere theatrical experience.  However, for some in this category fully formed means the producer/creator has developed a new show that they are ready to share with the public.


Dance and theatre performance share common (fertile) ground in their development process and often in their form and presentation. Although founded in the theatre arts, Fertile Ground is an opportunity for audiences to experience a diversity in the Arts. This year, we are delighted to offer once again the wide variety of companies and choreographers who make up the Polaris Dance Theatre’s Groovin Greenhouse, as well as welcome back SubRosa Dance Collective.


These projects are not quite ready to premiere, but are straining to be on their feet in front of an audience in a big way. These workshop productions are a wonderful opportunity to see a piece that is on the road to completion and perhaps have an opportunity to lend your thoughts to its end product. Workshop performances are striving to get ready for the next step in the process toward a world premiere.

Staged Reading

Most works of theatre have a multi-stage journey before they hit the stage as a world premiere; a staged reading is one point in that trajectory. More than a script reading, a staged reading involves actors bringing a script to life with stage movement (blocking) and sometimes working through some design and technical ideas.


Take chance! Come listen in as a playwright, with professional actors, shares the dialogue of a script with an audience – often for the first time, sometimes with fresh revisions, and always seeking input. This is your opportunity to participate in the development of a play. These readings often feature some of Portland’s best playwrights and actors, and will give you a unique glimpse into the plays that will grace our stages of the future.