Be Space/Life Art Being presents

A Teaspoon of Water: Contemplative Salon

Created in Ensemble by Dana Broeck, Kristin Gordon George, Beth Lorio, Zorwyn Madrone, Megan Phillips, Elizabeth Russell, Reeva Wortel

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 18 @ 7pm; Jan 20 @ 9pm; Jan 21 @ 2pm

VENUE: Vibrant Studios,
1532 SW Jefferson St.




An amalgam of two rich traditions — Contemplative Practice and the Evening Salon—A Teaspoon of Water seeks to bring the performer and the audience to the same floor in an intimate exchange. Mindful, heartful, depthful creation arises from the space between.

At The Community Altar:

Generosity & Joy! holding openness & flexibility, structure & form.
The personal is political, this dance is for everyone. Rearranging and reconfiguring perception to reveal utopia within dystopia.

Inviting budding, wild seeds to emerge as red parrots and curiosity; Reminding and reweaving what’s possible in our human being-ness, transforming chaos and confusion into authentic expression.

At The Community Altar, drop into presence—honeyed, vibrant presence.

NOTE: The performance on Sunday, Jan 21 is a Special Extended Version with an opportunity for the audience to participate in collaborative creation with the ensemble.