StoryBuilding presents
2020―the New 1920? (Why Vote? Just Ask History)
By Randi Douglas
Direction & Photography by Michael Coe
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 7 @ 5pm;
Feb 8 @ 2pm; Feb 9 @ 12pm
VENUE: ShoutHouse
210 SE Madison St, Portland OR 97214
TICKETS: $10 general; $5 students
2020 is an election year, exactly 100 years since our nation said “yes” to votes for women. Let’s reflect! Using the StoryBuilding process (interactive, with performer and audience working both in and out of roles) this workshop provides a lively exploration of the meaning of citizenship and a demonstration of “process drama”—a method widely used in Britain for classroom teaching, civic discussions, and script generation (playbuilding). The set-up: The Mayor schedules a lecture by a woman suffrage scholar and requires city council, staff, and interns to attend (that’s you, the audience). The scholar provides dramatizations of key historical moments and figures—but mostly she asks questions and facilitates an audience-generated contemporary story. Randi Douglas, an Equity actress/playwright,wrote Count on Me about Michigan woman suffrage (10 year tour), and designed nationalaward-winning  StoryBuilding episodes for the Detroit Historical Museums on social justice/ history including The Underground Railroad and Anishnabe—Original People. Participant comments: “everyone’s mind opens and we stop thinking about differences between us,” “we were thinking and having fun at the same time,” “inspiring and motivating!” Bring someone from a different generation, suitable for children over 10.