SATURDAY ~ January 30

Cat Napper
By Kwik Jones
Directed by Victor Mack
Producer: Portland Civic Theatre Guild

The 2021 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award winner, Cat Napper, a mystery thriller with more than a bit of comedy, centers around newly hired Special Detective Crystal Beck. Beck, under orders from the Mayor himself, must partner with not-too-pleased veteran detective Gribbs to solve a series of mysterious cat kidnappings. With the odds stacked against her, Beck’s simple cat case leads her to the homes of the city’s richest, most powerful and dangerous politicians. Money, Power, Politics, and Cats! 

Kwik Jones, a Jefferson High School graduate, originally intended to play football for Eastern Oregon College. An ankle injury forced him to resign from the team, much to the dismay of his coach, who mocked his decision. The coach’s response inspired Jones to write and direct his first play, Both Sides of the Fence. Jones continued his theatre education at Chicago’s Columbia College Film School, and at Goddard College, in Plainfield, Vermont, under Catherine Weidner. Eventually, Jones returned to Oregon, and continued his theatre studies at Mt. Hood Community College. Jones has written over thirty plays, directing and producing thirteen of them. His most recent production, Voices, played to sold out audiences. His philosophy is “Art imitates life,” and he is always taking notes.

Victor Mack, director, is an award-winning actor and director, and a graduate of North Carolina School for the Arts. He is currently Program Manager for Playwrite Inc.

The cast includes RhyanMichele as Detective Crystal Beck, Duffy Epstein as Lt. Mike Gribbs, Doren Elias as Cross, Sharonlee Mclean as Mother Cross, Micki Selvitella as Gilly, and Matt Sunderland as Mason.

(85 minutes)

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