SUNDAY ~ January 31

By Don Wilson Glenn
Directed by Damaris Webb
Producer: Vanport Mosaic

The Vanport Mosaic presents, a staged reading of the first act of a new play MARTHA BAKES: a Biography of a Revolution and Insurrection that never happened. Using the device of the one-woman show, MARTHA BAKES takes a satirical lens to American  Colonial HerStory. Part historical biography, part cooking show, we are invited into the  relationship between Martha Washington, our original First Lady, and her dower slave Oney Marie Judge during an imagined slave revolt on Mount Vernon.  

Act I begins with Martha, the fresh widow of George Washington, socially distancing herself during a fictitious slave uprising on Mount Vernon. The slaves have learned the contents of George’s will declaring that the over 350 enslaved bodies on the plantation are to be set free –upon the death of Martha. Enduring her new found circumstances with a pleasant disposition, Martha bakes us a three-course meal during the revolt, as she barricades herself in the kitchen and with each preparation reflects on her influential role with scant representation in the creation of our Nation. That the suffrage and abolition movements are not always easy bedfellows echo the legacies of racism, sexism and voter suppression that our Nation is still struggling to unpack today.

(60 minutes)

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