FRIDAY ~ February 5

By Darlene Zimbardi
Producer: Elder World Productions

Elder World Productions is back for a second year at Fertile Ground with Reports from the Elder Front Part 3A Window into Elder World. The latest instalment illuminates the perils of elder advocacy as a daughter advocates from afar for her mother, marooned in an assisted living facility (ALF) across the country. 

As daughter Darla remotely navigates the Medicare maze amidst a pandemic, she insists on meeting her mother’s advance directive. Darla encounters other elder advocates and finds strength (and humor!) in the support in this new community, her friends and family, and the staff at her mother’s ALF. When her mother experiences new and concerning symptoms, Darla must make a life or death decision. A Window into Elder World shines a light in the labyrinth of elder advocacy while laughing at the absurdities along the way. 

Our cast: Jeanette Williams last seen in (Un)Conditional a production with Profile Theatre in association with Ping Chong, Debbie Marr from The Man Who Came to Dinner at Beaverton Civic Theater, Gerie Voss a Fertile Ground Alum in Leaving Manzanita, and writer/performer Darlene Zimbardi. A Window into Elder World is directed by Steph Myers.

(50 minutes)

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