SATURDAY ~ February 6

Sadie and Myrtle
By Valerie Yvette Peterson
Directed by Valerie Yvette Peterson
Producer: V.A.D.M. Realm*

From the writer and director of the stage play, When WE Cry, Valerie Yvette Peterson takes us back, through a glimpse into the fictional lives of two young African-American girls. 

Sadie and Myrtle is about friendship; a coming of age period drama that tells the story of the lives of two young African-American girls named Sadie Booth and Myrtle Danskin. Young Sadie and Myrtle show the problems that young African American girls faced during the early 20th Century, including domestic violence, incest, racism and sexism. As the two best friends grow, their lives are transformed as they discover their self-worth, by sticking together through decades of struggle, triumph, illness and death. Take this journey from the 1930s to the present day, in Sadie and Myrtle.

*GROW AWARD recipient
(39 minutes) 
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