SATURDAY ~ February 6

Tales of Sex Magic and Healing
By Charla Hathaway
Directed by Eleanor O’Brien
Producer:  Naked At My Age*

Each of us is an erotic blueprint like no other.  Seasoned sexologist, Charla Hathaway (Naked at My Age) shares a deep appreciation for the vulnerability her clients bring to her.  She offers raw and riveting stories from her twenty-year career as an Erotic Muse.  Why do people seek sex professionals?  What are sessions like?  Can intimacy be taught? 

Meet Dr. Charla’s most beloved clients at their most hopeful, fearful and fantastical.  One man starts dressing ‘like a lady’ at age 85 after his wife of 50 years dies, “I didn’t expect to live this long—I hope the ladies in my trailer court will invite me to play cards with them.”  

A 68-year-old man, a virgin, travels from Kansas to Texas to attend her erotic massage class, “I’ve never touched a vulva before, I don’t even touch myself.”   A woman ponders over her choices during a Bossy Massage, “What DO I want?”  A rock star, experiencing a lifetime of many women, still longs for— intimacy. 

Storyteller by nature, Charla shares tales from a pioneering and magical career.  A kind of sexual fairy godmother, her stories connect us, include us, and inspire us to love and tell our own.

*GROW AWARD recipient

(57 minutes) 

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