PDX Playwrights presents
4X3: Knock it Off, The Glurping, The Rusty Wheel and Morning Coffee

By Brad Bolchunos, Lauren Emery & Miriam Feder
Morning Coffee is directed by Julie Akers

Festival Dates: Jan 22 @ 7pm and Jan 29 @ 5pm

Venue: Hipbone Studio
1847 E. Burnside St.

Tickets: $10

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In Brad Bolchunos’ play Knock it Off, Hodge and his friends confront assumptions about tolerance when an uninvited guest brings along unsettling behavior. Bolchunos’ comedy The Glurping asks if all we have to fear is fear itself, can Marvin Fitzbacher summon the courage to be king? Lauren Emery’s play The Rusty Wheel explores the dynamics of confrontation and the struggle for power in the workplace when a woman tells her boss that she doesn’t like the way he touches her. What follows is awkward, unsettling, and brutally funny. Miriam Feder’s play Morning Coffee ponders the pitfalls of love over 50 as Karl and Nancy navigate a friends-with-benefits relationship. Is keeping options open really an option?