Milagro presents 

El Payaso

By Emilio Rodriguez
Directed by Georgina Escobar

Festival Dates: Jan 19, 20, 21 @ 7:30pm

Additional Run Dates: Jan 12, 13, 14 @ 7:30pm, Jan 15 @ 2pm

Venue: Milagro Theatre
525 SE Stark St.

Tickets: $32; $25 Students/$30 Seniors

Purchase tickets: |503.236.7253


Amidst chaos, confusion and war, an American engineer worked to bring electricity to rural villages in Nicaragua. “El Payaso” invites the audience to learn the story of an incredible man and the extraordinary people with whom he unexpectedly connected. Our tale is told through the eyes of Elías, a Latino college student, traveling to Nicaragua thirty years later, to encounter the people who are still carrying on the work of the late Ben Linder. An engineer and a clown for a cause, Linder participated in rallies and health campaigns that brought vaccines to children. His memory lives on in the work of Clowns without Borders and various environmental groups that are collaborating to bring this story to life. With red noses and humor, the performers will share the value of “thinking globally, acting locally.”