PDX Playwrights presents
5×3: A Collection of Short Plays
By Lisa Collins, Nicky Nicholson-Klingerman & Brad Bolchunos
FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 9 @ 7pm
VENUE: Hipbone Studio
1847 E Burnside St, Portland OR 97214
BUY TICKETS: fertilegroundpdx.org
PDX Playwrights presents five short plays from three diverse and accomplished playwrights. Lisa Collins presents two short romantic comedies. In Lunch Room, an executive is trapped with a subordinate, and they are both forced to examine what has been avoided for a long time. In Big Brother or Big iPhone, Anna discovers what her iPhone does with the data it collects—and how technology takes control of her daily life by managing days, times, places and even person-to person connections. In Nicky Nicholson-Klingerman’s Girl in the Leather Jacket, a young lovesick woman finds herself in a bar looking to drown her sorrows after a break-up with her girlfriend. Much to her surprise she gets a lesson in love and life. Two quirky comedies percolate from Brad Bolchunos. In The Curse, a dispute about misplaced affection takes a dark turn with the arrival of an unexpected visitor. In Waterways, a gamer and a naturopath trapped near a dangerous dam desperately strive to understand the nature of reality— and how to cope with doom.