PDX Playwrights presents 

5×4: A Collection of Short and One-Act Plays

By Redmond Reams, Brad Bolchunos, Maria Choban & Brett Campbell

FESTIVAL DATE: Jan 27 @ 5pm; Feb 2 @ 7pm

VENUE: Hipbone Studio, 1847 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214



PDX Playwrights presents a one-act musical and four dramatic comedies from four of our most active and accomplished playwrights. Redmond Reams offers two comedies about children offering fantastic solutions for the dilemmas of coping with modern anxieties. In Summer School Backstory, two schoolchildren take their teacher prisoner because they suspect her of collaborating with a foreign power. In A Whole New World, toddlers speak to their experience of foster care and yearnings to be adopted – and to belong. Brad Bolchunos’ “Secret Decoder” series offers two off-kilter shorts about miscommunication: In Uncivil Disobedience, a family outing takes a twisted turn into activism, and a solstice ritual channels unforeseen consequences in Incommunicado Bravado. In Maria Choban and Brett Campbell’s Posing as Sodomite, its 1895 and Oscar Wilde is about to make the biggest, noblest mistake of his life. Only his good friend George Bernard Shaw can save him – but he has an agenda all his own.