DoverHam Productions, sponsored by Corrib Theatre, presents

A Bed of My Own

Written & directed by Robert Hamm

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 23, 26 @ 7:30pm

VENUE: Artists Repertory Theatre,
1515 SW. Morrison St.



Rosie has a problem. Her man, Stan, won’t get out of bed—ever. It’s not that he’s sick or anything—he’s way more than healthy. He’s just decided not to get up. So, in desperation, Rosie has her meek little ex-husband, Reager, over for dinner —and to solve her problem. Thus begins a tragicomedy about power in personal relations. Inspired by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, populated by characters based on clients at a methadone clinic, this new revision of A Bed of My Own explores three approaches to securing power over people you love. “…a veritable masterpiece, redolent at times of Tennessee Williams…and Jean-Paul Sarte…”

-The Alameda Journal