Adventure Theater presents


A Cavalcade of Awesome! Untitled Detective Story
By Aubrey Jessen & Greta West


Festival Dates: Jan 30, 31 @ 2pm


Action/Adventure Theatre
1050 SE Clinton

Tickets: $10

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A Cavalcade of Awesome is the umbrella title for Action/Adventure’s series of variety shows for trying out new things. During Fertile Ground 2016, the cavalcade will consist of a series of workshops and readings of new plays from Action/Adventure company members and collaborators. At the time of print, three shows are scheduled in the series, but there may be more. Untitled Detective Story by Aubrey Jessen and Greta West: A noir lady detective story featuring Jade Hobbs, Jed Arkley, Katie Watkins, Justine Davis, Ellery Jessen, Brian Kuwabara, Michael Zimmer, Jake Simonds, Zoe Rudman, and Stephanie Cordell. To be fully produced in the spring of 2016.