Be Space Studio presents
A Teaspoon of Water: Contemplative Arts Salon

Created & Directed by Elizabeth Russell, Beth Lorio, Dan Miller & Kristin Gordon George

Festival Dates: Jan 19, 26 @ 9:30pm

Venue: Vibrant Studios
1532 SW Jefferson St.

Tickets: $15

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A Teaspoon of Water is the love child of Contemplative Practice in all its forms and the Salon (living room) evening. As an amalgam of two such rich traditions, ATW seeks to bring the performer and the audience to the same floor in an intimate exchange. Mindful, heartful, depthful creation arises from the space between.

The unknown becomes a friend,
absurdity is worn well, fear is gently smiled at.
The making-a-fool quality is always present
when you stand at the edge of the empty space
and…willingly take the first step.

Barbara Dilley