Lakewood Theatre Company presents

A Woman in Washington’s Army

By Laurence Overmire

Directed by Nancy McDonald

FESTIVAL DATE: Jan 21 @ 2pm

VENUE: Lakewood Theatre Company,
368 S State St, Lake Oswego


BUY TICKETS:; 503.635.3901

A Woman in Washington’s Army is based on the incredible, but true story of Deborah Samson, a young woman who disguised herself as a man and fought with distinction during the Revolutionary War. After the war, she became the first female touring lecturer and, upon her death, her husband became the first man to receive a pension as a soldier’s widower. Steeped in colonial history, with period music, this play is a time-traveling adventure with plenty of action and colorful characters. The playwright, who is also a genealogist, discovered Deborah while researching the descendants of Gov. William Bradford of the Mayflower. “I feel she deserves an honored place in history,” said Overmire.