WEDNESDAY ~ February 3

Acting Counsel
By C.S. Whitcomb
Directed by C.S. Whitcomb
Producer: Lakewood Theatre Company

C.S. Whitcomb’ latest work, Acting Counsel starts when an aging actor comes to see a lawyer to write up a will and the attorney offers him a trade, “Full disclosure: I saw your Lear. Twice. I’ll do it for free if you’ll help me deliver a summation to the jury that might get an 18-year-old kid off Death Row.” And so begins an unlikely collaboration and friendship where the stakes are literally life and death. Where the Law meets the Theatre and hopefully justice will prevail. The reading stars Tobias Andersen and Tom Walton.

C.S. Whitcomb is one of Oregon’s most prolific playwrights whose plays have been produced off-Broadway, regionally and locally. The Seven Wonders of Ballyknock (2015) and Parnassis On Wheels (2018) both had world premieres at Lakewood Theatre Company. She wrote Stoker and Santos produced for Proscenium Live by Portland Shakespeare Project. Lear’s Follies was commissioned by Portland Shakespeare Project and had its world premiere, produced by them, at Artists Rep. She has been nominated for the Angus Bowmer Award, Emmy, Drammy, Edgar Allan Poe, and Writers Guild of America Awards. She has written screen roles for Jason Robards, Ellen Burstyn, Anjelica Huston, Martin Sheen, Gena Rowlands and many others. She co-wrote the documentary THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich which had its red carpet premiere in L.A. in October. Her latest book, The Heart of the Film: Writing Love Stories in Screenplays was published in 2018. She teaches screenwriting locally and takes a group of writers on a Trans-Atlantic cruise every spring.

(85 minutes)

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