FRIDAY ~ January 29

Allies & Accomplices

Created by ETC Pro Lab, Noelle Simone, Tessa May & Variat Dance Collective
Directed by Aaron Wheeler-Kay, Remythification Project Directed by Laura Cannon
Producer: Echo Theater Company

Allies & Accomplices is a curated collection of performance works exploring the intersection of expressive disciplines themed around social justice. Collaborators were invited to examine how in 2020 the very act of creation is itself a political act and will center the voices of the marginalized and oppressed.
The final film project features a diverse mix of local artists who are pushing staged expression in new directions. There will be physical theater, dance, circus theater, aerial expression, performance art and more. The shows highlight work from artists representing traditionally marginalized communities. Telling their own stories in their own voices.
In the Remythification Project the ETC Pro Lab sets out to reimagine the ancient myths that are baked into our Euro-centric culture and language and reclaims the power to subvert what they say about women, race and relationships. 

(Content is intended to be appropriate for all ages, any sensitive content will include the appropriate warnings.)

(64 minutes)

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