Puppet THEATRE   Avant Premiere
Leaven Dream Puppets presents
Alma’s Wish
By Anca Hariton
Lead Collaborator: David Woodin
Director: Anca Hariton 

FESTIVAL DATES: streaming on-demand Jan 27 – Feb 6
TICKETS: by Donation/ Pay what you will
WEBSITE: www.leavendreampuppets.org

An unusual cosmic event, wrongly exploited, brings near-destruction to a village. But all is not lost when its true (healing) power is discovered and wielded by the unassuming yet brave at heart offering life a second chance.

This new original performance by Leaven Dream Puppets founders (their Magic Fish premiered at FG 2019), weaves folk beliefs and current events in a fable-like production, drawing also on the Czech tradition of socially engaged puppetry. Authentic puppet characters in picturesque settings build a timeless mood while also delivering a story made-for-our-time with a thoughtful message. Original songs and sparse poetic narrative add layered meanings and wonder to an artistic performance dedicated to families and audiences of 9 and up. (approx. 30 minutes)

🌟 GROW Light selection

Nurturing the art of puppetry in family-based settings

This project was supported in part by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC)