Calypso Productions Presents

An Evening with the Lightkeepers: Siren Songs & The Boys of Terrible Tilly

By Lindsay Partain & Autumn Buck
Directed by Cassie Greer

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 26 @ 3pm; Jan 27 @ 1pm & 7pm; Jan 30 @ 7pm

VENUE: Cerimon House, 5131 NE 23rd Ave., Portland OR 97211



A double-feature of new works, Siren Songs and The Boys of Terrible Tilly illustrate two true events in lighthouse and lightkeeper history, both chilling and courageous. Lindsay Partain introduces her new one-act play, Siren Songs. Based on the grueling true story of Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith; two enemies hired to work through the winter together as lighthouse keepers. Staring out into the cold oblivion of the Irish Sea, Griffith and Howell must fight for their lives trapped inside Small’s Lighthouse, the treehouse built on the edge of the universe swaying back and forth amidst the relentless violent waves and unforgiving storms off the coast of Wales. Autumn Buck introduces The Boys of Terrible Tilly, an (almost accurate) account of one of the greatest storms to ever hit the Pacific Northwest. Through acts of ingenuity and bravery, this four-man crew off the coast of Oregon must save their lighthouse and themselves from devastation. The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse keepers – William, Henry, Hugo and Werner, all portrayed by actors who identify as women – won’t know what hit them.