Fully Staged World Premiere
Skazki presents


Baba Yaga
By Sam Reiter
Directed by Caitlin Fisher-Draeger


Festival Dates: Jan 24 @ 2pm; Jan 25, 26, 27, 28 @ 8pm


The Headwaters
55 NE Farragut St. #9

Tickets: $10

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This one-woman show unravels the mystery around the Russian fairy tale character, Baba Yaga. Often described as a hideous crone who lives deep in the forest, she is an unpredictable force who sometimes helps, and often hinders, her visitors. She is a dynamic and morally ambiguous character, sometimes kind and often cruel. During the performance, she offers the audience romantic advice, told through three classic Russian fairy tales from her perspective. Baba Yaga is written, devised, and performed by Sam Reiter. True to its Russian fairy tale roots, the show developed primarily in Moscow, where its creator studied for a semester at the Moscow Art Theatre (in conjunction with the National Theatre Institute). Originally created as a senior thesis project, Baba Yaga incorporates shadow puppets, expressive movement, Pushkin, unconventional anecdotes, Russian dance, and improvisation. Ultimately, the show invites the audience to challenge their perception of Otherness—and, of course, receive some spot-on romantic advice. (Appropriate for audiences 8+)