Fully Staged World Premiere

Milagro Theatre presents


Written & directed by Georgina Escobar

Choreographed by Gabriela Portuguez

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 18, 19 & 20 @ 7:30pm

ADDITIONAL RUN DATES: Jan 11, 12 & 13 @ 7:30pm; Jan 14 @ 2pm

VENUE: Milagro Theatre,
425 SE 6th Ave.

TICKETS: $25–$32



Inspired by a collection of provocative real-life stories from across America, a two-spirited guru takes us on a journey that delves deep into bicultural, bilingual, bisexual, and binary sensibilities. Through movement, object manipulation, investigative theatre and music, Bi- will break open the boxes of selective classification and raise the question, “What is your ‘bi-dentity’?” Bi- is a story of “What if” of an unknown place and time, inspired from the book Flatland, by Edwin Abbott, written in 1884, in which geometric beings create their own societal classism. In the tale of Bi-, La Tierra Plana is a place where young people want to break out of categories and face the dangerous unknown in a brave new world.