About Face Productions presents
Box-in-the-Jack: a transdimensional mid-life real estate
By Brendan Ramsden
Directed by Floyd Labar
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 2, 9 @ 7:30pm
(Polaris Dance Theatre); Feb 3 @ 7:30pm
(The Little Church)
VENUES: Polaris Dance Theater, Studio B
1826 NW 18th Ave, Portland OR 97201
The Little Church
5138 NE 23rd St., Portland OR 97211
TICKETS: $15; $10 student/seniors
BUY TICKETS: fertilegroundpdx.org
What happens when a bitty baby America, a creature-citizen, an interstitial imp, a sceptic, a recycler of words, objects and “worlds,” a critic of “privacy” and an advocate of agency, a professor of absurdities, a liar, a puppet and a person walk into a bar? Or a landfill for that matter? Answer: this circuitous, catawampus and extra-ordinary spectral chronicle of an animate entity and the estate it lives in. It’s interplanetary craft! Is it a monolith? A riddle? A time machine? A codex? Does it bake bread? Brendan Ramsden, a physical comedian, sculptor/scenic artist, jester terrestrial and world-renouncing monk of unreason, enters a no place-place where everything is real and nothing is true. Five dimensions are made on a baby’s block. Five fathoms into the everyday epistemic murk of cause and effect, idiom and idiot. Five bananas before arriving to capital S-Self; capital L-Life and capital V-Vision. Crushing cognitions versus things in themselves! Repurpose! Fastforward, forward-fast to uncertain extinction and other new blasphemies. Give or take a
disreputable under-exaggeration. Crossing between intention and attention; the ideal and the real; matter and patter. Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Box-in-the-Jack. Jack be thick.