Lakewood Theatre Company presents


Burning Basil
By Cheryl E. Grant
Directed by Cheryl E. Grant


Festival Date: Jan 23 @ 2pm


Lakewood Theatre Company
368 S. State St.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Tickets: $10

Purchase tickets: |503-635-3901


Burning Basil is a romantic comedy about love, loss, identity and rites of passage. William is a poet, lost in his life, at the far end of his successful career. He is literally (and literally) haunted by the spirit of a lost soul by the name of Bea who is pulling him deeper into her own loss. William’s great love is Wendy, his muse and a former ballet dancer who is lost in her second career in real estate and an upcoming engagement. Will their accidental reunion help them find their way forward as individuals or will they get lost together?