Staged Reading
PDX Playwrights presents


Business as Usual
by Michael Josef


Forethought: Four Short Plays
by Brad Bolchunos


Festival Dates: Jan 24, 31 @ 8pm


Hipbone Studio
1847 E Burnside St #104

Tickets: $10

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Business as Usual features corporate savagery, bomb threats and inflatable gorillas. Can anyone escape the terror? It’s just a day in the lives of Cindy, Jack and Sanjeev and their “Too big to fail” company: the powerfully indifferent investment firm, Craig & Smith.


Forethought: a quirky blend of humor, drama and absurdity percolate in this collection of four short works. Wristwatch on Ice: How long can contention define a relationship? Desmond and Hanna try to defy the answer. Sparkness: As a gifted sculptor battles unseen demons, new romance tips the balance toward madness. Party Favors: Social anxiety at a birthday party takes an explosive turn and Kremmling may not be any help. The Untame Game: A lovelorn dweeb tries to muster the courage to speak to the woman of his dreams, but parasitic commentators stand in the way.