PDX Playwrights presents
Christmas with Truman
By Alisha Christiansen
FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 8 @ 9pm
VENUE: Hipbone Studio,
1847 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214
BUY TICKETS: fertilegroundpdx.org
Alisha Christiansen adapts for the stage two of Truman Capote’s best holiday tales, One Christmas and Christmas Memory. Young
Buddy and his elderly friend Sook, two unlikely companions, indulge in Christmas magic as they come to terms with the myths, idealized notions of holidays, and family relationships that society teases them to believe in. Ultimately their disenchantment gives way to genuine human love and connection. Illustrator Beth Peck’s nostalgic watercolor backdrop brings warmth and life to these stories while setting the stage at the bottom of the Depression in the south.