The Crones present
Circe and Baba Yaga Walk Into a Bar…A Heady Evening of Enchantment and Misadventures
By The Crones
Directed by Barbara Fankhauser, Pam Maben, Anne Penfound & Julie Strozyk
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 2 @ 3pm; Feb 6 @ 7pm
VENUE: Sandy Plaza, Triangle Board Room
Cabaret; 1785 Sandy Blvd, Portland OR 97232
TICKETS: $20; $15 student/seniors
Wisdom would say different situations call for different solutions…and when has this old world been more in need of wisdom? What fates are deserved by naughty children, domineering men or willful women? How does one find one’s own true heart? Spend  an evening with The Crones and find out firsthand. Listen as Barbara Fankhauser, Pam Maben, Anne Penfound and Julie Strozyk… women wise to the ways of the world… enchant you with tales of the practicalities—necessities—and misadventures of getting from one end of life to the other. They have much to share about weaving the weft of life. And who knows, it may change you forever.