Yantra Productions presents
Created by Ajai Tripathi
Director: Ajai Tripathi
Videographer/Filmmaker: Ajai Tripathi

FESTIVAL DATES: streaming on-demand Jan 27 – Feb 6
TICKETS: DONATION PWYW send to Venmo @ Ajai-Tripathi-1

Yantra Productions presents Cosmogonos, a twin-pronged multicultural storytelling exercise. This virtual showcase features two short segments about the origins of the universe as told through the classical artform of shadow play. Amoxtli shows the origins of the world through Mesoamerican folklore. Inspired by the Nahua tales of Mexico, Amoxtli follows the force of energy that manifests itself in our lives and guides our actions. Ananta shows the world’s creation in a dream of Vishnu as told in Vedic mythology, including Sanskrit tales from the Rig-Veda and the Puranas of India.

From the nameless and formless all-pervading consciousness, the sacred movements, the divisions into dualities, and the emergence of deities and the various incarnations of life; Cosmogonos explores age-old questions as approached through stories from different corners of the earth: Who are we and why are we here? Both works feature tales that span different regions, cultures and generations that are retold through spoken word, and shadow play. Combining ancient artforms with modern technology, Cosmogonos will explore the deepest roots of human existence. Written and directed by Ajai Tripathi and featuring the vocal talents of Enrique Andrade, Tricia Castañeda-Guevara, Heath Hyun, and Mini Sharma Ogle.

🌱 GROW Award
🌟 GROW Light selection