PDX Playwrights presents
Crazy Dukes Instant Play Festival Launch
Produced by Adam Harrell
FESTIVAL DATE: Jan 31 @ 9pm
VENUE: Hipbone Studio
1847 E Burnside St, Portland OR 97214
TICKETS: FREE, reserve here
The kickoff of PDXP’s fourth annual Crazy Dukes Instant Play Festival! This Festival within-the Festival-within-the-Festival is guaranteed to be the very newest, freshest work performed at Fertile Ground 2020. How do we know this? Because the work is getting created DURING the festival! Think of it as theatre on a highwire with no net. Six talented playwrights will obtain 3-4 prompts and will be randomly assigned 2-6 cast members on the night of PDXP’s Daisy Dukes Shorts Night and after party. The playwrights will then write, rehearse, produce and perform 10-minute plays within 48 hours. Come help kick off the creative process by offering your suggestions of actions, themes, lines of dialogue, or props that MUST be included in all six plays. Then audiences can come back and see the results on Sunday night on Feb 2 @ 7pm. Guaranteed crazy — and guaranteed amazing!