PDX Playwrights presents
Crazy Dukes Instant Play Festival

By Katie Bennett, Brad Bolchunos, Jeff Donaldson-Forbes, Julianna Gonzalez, Alex Haslett & Gabrielle Widman
Festival Dates: Jan 27, 28 @ 9:30pm

Venue: Hipbone Studio
1847 E. Burnside St.

Tickets: $10

Purchase tickets at

The Crazy Dukes Instant Play Festival is guaranteed to be the very newest, freshest work performed at Fertile Ground 2017. How do we know this? Because the work is created DURING the festival! Think of it as theatre on a highwire with no net. Six talented playwrights will get 3-4 prompts and will be randomly assigned 2-6 cast members on the night of PDXP’s Daisy Dukes Shorts Night and Crazy Dukes Launch (Jan 20). The playwrights will then write 10-minute plays in 48 hours, rehearse them in five days and stage them for you. Guaranteed crazy – and guaranteed amazing!