Masque Alfresco & HART Theatre present

Death of a Cranky Philosopher

By Don Teeters

Directed by Fayra Teeters

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 25, 26, 27, 28 @ 7:30pm

VENUE: HART Theatre,
185 Southeast Washington St, Hillsboro

TICKETS: $16; $14 seniors 60+;

$12 students



Death of a Cranky Philosopher follows the recovery of Vaughn Miracle, a high school philosophy teacher, who gets shot in the head by one of his students and finds himself in a coma-induced netherworld ruled by erratic botanical beings who put him on trial for murder. How much do jargon and childhood word play distort the reality of adulthood by locking in early nonsensical and emotional beliefs? A famous philosopher once stated, “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” But is language unable to keep pace with our evolving brains as new thoughts fade into vagueness? The information highway promotes solutions from all directions, offering protective camouflage for partisan interests with no meaningful basis. Labels and slogans don’t have insights; perceptive minds do, although fuzzy reasoning can make that problematic. It certainly does for Vaughn Miracle in this dramatic comedy of his pseudo-philosophical life. This madcap journey into a lost psyche features Aaron Morrow in the title role, Kenneth Dembo as the netherworld boss, plus Paul Roder (Artistic Director for HART), Rian Turner, Athena McElrath, and Jean Christensen in supporting roles.