Associated Artists present
Downward Facing
By Mishelle Apalategui
Directed by Molly Shevaun Reed
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 1, 8 @ 4pm;Feb 2, 9 @ 6pm
VENUE: The Shoebox Theater
2110 SE 10th Ave, Portland OR 97214
In a newly gentrified neighborhood in the modern American west, gutter punk Flax returns to their squatting ground, a long unoccupied house, only to find it has been leased by yoga enthusiast, Lilly-Anne. Upon finding out that they will be giving up their home to a hippie-new-age impostor, Flax resolves that they will protest the change. Across town, Jenna meets Janna at a bus stop and they begin an electric, yet complicated, relationship surfing the highly independent, borderline aloof, modern dating landscape. When Jenna reveals to Janna that she has recently become pregnant via in-vitro, Janna refuses to admit that she is not ready for such a change. Downward Facing speaks to its audience through its characters’ genuine stoicism coupled with the haze of Hipster culture forcing reconciliation between the life we lead and the life we desire.