EURYTHMY   Performance
Portland Eurythmy presents
Earth: This Being Human
By: Various Poets and Composers
Co-Artistic Directors: Jolanda Frischknecht & Carrie Mass
Choreographers: All Members
Videographer/Filmmaker: Sumi Wu  

FESTIVAL DATES: streaming on-demand Jan 27 – Feb 6
TICKETS: Free, but donations encouraged HERE

Portland Eurythmy is the collaborative effort of five local eurythmists, one pianist and one speaker. We work in the medium of eurythmy, a gestural language that brings a living expression to sound and fills the dynamic space between ourselves as performers and you as the audience.

We have been tenderly sculpting our program, Earth: This Being Human, since autumn of 2019, when the world seemed a very different place than the one we now inhabit. As human beings, we have been experiencing expanding tension and polarization. The good news is humanity is now searching for truth, with an urgency most of us have never seen.
We offer our Earth program as a way to grow our connection to one another, to the Earth and to all the tenderness she possesses. May the sounds of speech and intervals of music, made visible through movement, inspire your journey. We take seriously the words of Rumi, “Welcome and entertain them all, for each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”