Mabel Made it Productions presents
End The Cycle―One Act Play
By Tiffani Barbour & Stephanie St. James-Werba
Directed by Tiffani Barbour & Stephanie St. James-Werba
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 1 @ 5:45pm; Feb 2 @ 1pm & 5pm
VENUE: The 2509
2509 NE Clackamas St, Portland OR 97232
(Important: Please park at least 2 blocks from the venue to allow parking for the venue’s neighbors)
TICKETS: $10 suggested donation, must reserve online
“More than 200 women kill their children in America each year, only one of these women admits that she would do it again.” End of Cycle follows the story of Denise, a complex, struggling mother of three who takes the law into her own hands, when she discovers the horrifying truths about her children. While awaiting her fate, an unlikely and hesitant ally emerges in Andrea, a corrections officer suffering losses of her own. As they try to manipulate a broken system, lies intertwine with hope, tragedy brings promise and no one’s life will be the same.