Widening Circles presents

Entanglements #3 – a Portland history play

Conceived & Directed by Kendra Prat

FESTIVAL DATE: Jan 26 @ 4:30pmJan 28 @ 7:45pm

VENUE: PETE Studio, 3520 SE Yamhill St., Portland OR 97214

TICKETS: $5-$10


Kendra Prat returns to her home of Portland, Oregon to investigate entangled histories. A visual, performed, physical essay about buried histories; racist roots in the bedrock beneath comfortable homes; and the lovely rivers and forests in and around Portland. Inspired by Oregon’s original state constitution, the deeds of a grandfather’s house and the deeds of many houses in Portland, Entanglements is about what you do when something you love suddenly terrifies you, or is suddenly fraught with lies; a performance of embodied historical research investigating why liberal and progressive Portland has been the whitest large city in the United States.

An excerpt from Draft #2:  A letter to my neighbor… Have you ever heard of the Peter Burnett Las Laws? Did they ever teach you in school that Oregon was the only state admitted to the union as a “whites-only” state? Or did you learn that the deeds of some houses we sit upon in Portland to this day still have black exclusionary clauses in them? … Because I didn’t. In my 13 years of schooling in the state of Oregon I certainly didn’t.