FRIDAY ~ January 29

Epic Shorts
By Amanda Kelner, Louise Wynn, Stan Matthews, Brett Campbell & Rachael Carnes
Producer: PDX Playwrights
Project produced by Karen Polinsky, Ajai Tripathi & John Servilio

These topical one-acts may be SHORT (10 minutes or less) but be prepared for EPIC! Previously known as Daisy Dukes Shorts, this year PDXP is offering up a juried selection of five pieces exploring the theme: “No Place Like Home.” Each script, in its own way, responds to our current climate. Congrats to our intrepid playwrights, as well as a monumental thank you to all who submitted. Our FG 2021 line-up will feature: 7:30 Broadcast by Amanda Kelner; Beach Front, Affordable by Louise Wynn, directed by Bill Barry; No Place Like Quarantine by Stan Matthews; Safe Distance by Brett Campbell, directed by Katie Bennett; and What A Memory Looks Like by Rachael Carnes. These plays will be produced remotely, performed by local actors, and safely recorded. Epic Shorts: In the tradition of great theater, yet like nothing you’ve ever seen!

(56 minutes)

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