PDX Playwrights presents
Everywoman & Cloning the Colonel
By Louise Wynn
FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 8 @ 7pm
VENUE: Hipbone Studio
1847 E. Burnside St, Portland OR 97214
BUY TICKETS: fertilegroundpdx.org
Two plays by Louise Wynn explore the nature of death and immortality. Wynn’s comedy Cloning the Colonel explores issues of nature vs. nurture and comes out firmly on the side of the ultimate goodness of humanity. The Colonel wants to be remembered forever, even though most of the people around him wish to forget him—or maybe even see the end of him. But when he arranges for three clones to be created, will this help or hinder his legacy? And, more importantly, can his clones turn out better than him? In Everywoman, Nora, helped by God, Death and Time, has a chance to confront her past and prepare for what comes next. What will she say to her ex-husband, her daughter, and a former boss? And who will comfort her as she faces death?