FRIDAY ~ February 5

Experimental Plays
By Brad Bolchunos, Gary Corbin, Mason Thornton, Ajai Tripathi, Karen Polinsky & Brock Walter
Producer: PDX Playwrights
Project produced by Alisha Christiansen & Lisa Collins 

PDX Playwrights presents a juried selection of short experimental plays. These five new works explore the theme “Life as We Know It” in a virtual platform. Bringing fun, mixing media, sharing stories both old and new, reaching out for connection, filled with heart and hope, it’s all here. We invite you to tune in to our lunchtime series featuring some of Portland’s most well-known playwrights alongside fresh theatrical voices. This hour includes: Swap Some Spit by Gary Corbin, Homesick Symphony by Mason Thornton, Verdure by Karen Polinsky and Brock Walker, Rough Passage by Brad Bolchunos, and The Madness of Dionysus by Ajai Tripathi.

(72 minutes)

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