Polaris Dance Theatre presents

Groovin’ Greenhouse 2018 featuring Polaris Dance Theatre & Galexi

VENUE: Polaris Dance Theatre,
1826 NW 18th Ave.

FESTIVAL DATE: Jan 20 @ 7:30pm

TICKETS: $18–22


Polaris Dance Theatre presents Groovin’ Greenhouse 2018 with a series of world premiere dance works. Polaris, along with other Portland established and emerging dance companies and choreographers are working to present brand new works in Polaris Dance Theatre’s intimate black box theatre. Each evening will include a performance by Polaris Dance Theatre’s professional company. Artistic Director and resident Choreographer Robert Guitron steps aside to give his company dancers the reins to choreograph their own fellow dancers. Exciting new works include solos, duets, trios and full company pieces. Caley Hernandez, Faith Morrison, Trevor Wilde, Mar Undag, Daniel Do, Taylor Baker, Lucy Dillon, Natalie Press and Katie Gunderson will all create short new works for this exciting run of Groovin’ Greenhouse 2018 with the addition of a few Polaris Dance Theatre alumni! This evening is shared with Galexi. Galexi presents The Dynamic Galaxy combining the new music of Portland’s own trip hop EDM duo, Galexi and the cutting-edge modern dance of Polaris Dance Company alumnae. The piece is a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos—a virtual reality-like trip through space with dancing on a far off planet and a death-star disco ball. The Galexians have come to infuse the Earth with harmony. Their mission: to create a new world of harmony where sound waves create spontaneous healing. “We are one with the sound, one with the universe. We are Galexi. The music sounds like Bjork meets Sia meets Moroder… and the dance is out of this world!”