Polaris Dance Theatre presents

Groovin’ Greenhouse 2019 featuring Polaris Junior Company + NEO Youth Company & MAC

VENUE: Polaris Dance Theatre, 1826 NW 18th Ave., Portland OR 97209

FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 2 @ 2pm

TICKETS: $18-22


Polaris Dance Theatre presents Groovin’ Greenhouse, a program filled with World Premiere dance works focused on bringing the Portland dance community together. This show provides a platform for established and emerging Portland dance companies and choreographers to present their work or works-in-progress alongside one another in Polaris Dance Theatre’s intimate Black Box theatre. Each performance date will include work by one or more of Polaris Dance Theatre’s companies including the Polaris Company, ELa FaLa Collective, and Polaris Junior Company + NEO Youth Company. During this program we are proud to present works-in-progress from Polaris Junior Company + NEO Youth Company. These young, vibrant and powerful dancers bring a bold tone to the matinee show. These companies are under the direction of M’Liss Quinnly.

The Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) dancers directed by Erin Zintek will present a performance titled The Project Approach based on the collaboration of multigenerational dancers. The coaches will guide and assist the young dance makers, but ultimately their voices will be heard. This piece is based on the principles of the Katz and Reggio Emilia Curriculum designed to support collaboration with their peers, educators and families. The role of the educator is to facilitate and support children’s learning and to work with the young dancers to create a diverse range of interpretation, investigation and negotiation.