Polaris Dance Theatre presents

Groovin’ Greenhouse 2019 featuring the Polaris Company, ELa FaLa Collective, Novoa Dances & Hannah Downs

VENUE: Polaris Dance Theatre, 1826 NW 18th Ave., Portland, OR 97209

FESTIVAL DATE: Jan 26 @ 7:30pm

TICKETS: $18-22


Polaris Dance Theatre presents Groovin’ Greenhouse, a program filled with World Premiere dance works focused on bringing the Portland dance community together. This show provides a platform for established and emerging Portland dance companies and choreographers to present their work or works-in-progress alongside one another in Polaris Dance Theatre’s intimate Black Box theatre. Each performance date will include work by one or more of Polaris Dance Theatre’s companies including the Polaris Company, ELa FaLa Collective, and Polaris Junior Company + NEO Youth Company. The Polaris Company and ELa FaLa Collective will present World Premiere works that will run throughout Groovin’ Greenhouse. Robert Guitron, Artistic Director and Choreographer for Polaris Dance Theatre will create a dynamic, athletic and whimsical never-before-seen piece. ELa FaLa Collective, under the direction of Brazilian born dancer-choreographer, Barbara Lima, will make their big launch as an all-female company. The Collective seeks to create bridges between art, technology, culture, education and science, through a holistic vision of the world. This evening’s program is shared with Novoa Dances and Hannah Downs. Novoa Dances, under the direction of Meaghan Novoa, will be presenting a work titled Submerge, which includes simple, abstract gestures and movement of human experience. In order not to limit the imagination of the audience or limit the choreography with a definition, there is no narrative to follow. Be present and “submerge” yourself into the dance. Hannah Downs will be presenting a work titled against its melting banks, a duet that explores the tension between comfort and freedom. The choreography oscillates between soft vulnerability and fierce partnering. The music is an original score that layers guitar, vocals and ambient percussion. Choreography by Hannah Downs.