THEATRE   Dance Performance
Dance for Film Premiere + Fully staged dance works
Polaris Dance Theatre presents,
Groovin’ Greenhouse 2022
Producer: Robert Guitron
Video Production: Brian McDonnell

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 28, 29, Feb 4, 5 @ 7:30pm
WATCH ONLINE: Access link sent with ticket purchase
TICKETS: Live: $25, Virtual: $20

: Jan 28, 29, Feb 4, 5 @ 7:30pm
VENUE: Polaris Dance Theatre 1826 NW 18th Ave. Portland, OR 97209

Groovin’ Greenhouse 2022 will include the premiere screening of Polaris Dance Theatre’s dance for film plus live multi-discipline dance performances by Sweta Ravisankar’s East Indian Dance, Uly Gonzalez, Jordan Kriston, No Nonsense Dance, Isaiah Tillman and other guests. Special live dance performances will be specific to certain dates. Refer to for the unique line up for each performance. 

Polaris Dance Theatre’s dance made for the film’s working title is Grains. The purpose of this work is to address the divisiveness and growing divides within our community and the greater world. Through respect, empathy and understanding we discover that diversity is beautiful and in fact quite possibly something the human spirit craves.  The film will display a world where everyone can be themselves and speak the languages that are theirs where no one demands that they all speak English or return to the countries they came from. Dancers will give and take space, honoring and witnessing the movements and needs of each other. Inhabiting and sharing space with all people becomes an act itself that is beautiful. Together we are exquisite.

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