Staged Reading
Community Dream Productions presents


Hazardous Beauty
By Bonnie Ratner
Directed by Bonnie Ratner
Asst Director Josie Seid


Festival Dates: Jan 29, 30 @ 7:30pm


Portland Abbey Arts
7600 N Hereford Ave

Tickets: $8

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Two women – one black, one white – attend a memoir-writing class at a Portland college. As writers, they have license to critique each other’s work, but because this is a class on memoir, what results is often a laser-like critique of each other’s lives—sometimes painful, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, and often very funny. And because they are here to write about their lives, not just talk about them, they are charged with “coherence,” with making sense of love, work, art and aging, and, together, to explore what all this means at the intersection of gender, race and class. Can they be allies for each other on this writer’s journey or will hard words fly, old wounds fester, and women weep? And what does it matter? Talkback following performances facilitated by Age and Gender Equity in the Arts (AGE) and Professor Roberta Hunte.