THEATRE   Dance Performance
Fool House Art Collective presents
Heart of Stone
By Alisher Khasanov & Karen Polinsky
Director and Choreographer: Alisher Khasanov
Producer: Olga Kravtsova
Video Production: Jason Okamoto
Media Production: Alexandr Beran
VIRTUAL SHOW DATES: Feb 4 @ 7:30pm, Feb 5 @ noon
WATCH ONLINE: Access link sent with ticket purchase
TICKETS: Suggested donation $5 to $25

Heart of Stone is a devised theater collaboration by artists from Moscow and Portland’s Russian and Russian-American communities. The show will be directed and choreographed by Alisher Khasanov, director of the Movement Theater ‘Mim-Orkestr’ and other modern reinterpretations of classic works in Russia and internationally.

This project began with a ten-day workshop in Portland last July featuring an ensemble of six local performers: a Trans dancer/actor, а high school student fluent in Russian, an opera singer, two actors, and a visual artist. Ongoing insights were shared on a local Slavic radio show. Daily rehearsals culminated in a COVID-safe live performance of Spirit Awake, co-written by Khasanov and Portland playwright Karen Polinsky.

The success of Spirit Awake inspired the vision for a longer work based on Khasanov’s life, entitled Heart of Stone: A Muslim Uighur boy, in love with dance and music, defies both his father and the government soldiers when he tries to save a mysterious ancient artifact in a cave, risking his life but discovering who he is. For Fertile Ground 2022, Khasanov will work on a 20-minute devised piece created from three scenes from this longer work, the first step in the development of a full-length show to debut in the Summer of  2022.

🌱 GROW Award
🌟 GROW Light selection

Alisher Khasanov, director of the Movement Theater Mim-Orkestr and other modern reinterpretations of classic works in Russia and internationally, will present a workshop that will improve your actor skills using physical theater and movement techniques.