Late Bloomers Inc. presents

Heaven Or Helen

Written & directed by Vanessa Hopkins

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 19, 21 @ 7pm

VENUE: Shout House,
210 SE Madison St.

TICKETS: $10-$15

(Limited seating!)

Duration: 40 min.


There are many women in history who have led extraordinary and highly influential lives that no one knows a thing about. One of such women was Helen Schucman, a spunky little Jewish lady with a PHD in Clinical Psychology and a self proclaimed atheist. In the mid 1960’s, while serving as a professor of Psychology at Columbia University, Helen was instructed by “a Force” (she later believed to be Jesus) to write/scribe the book “A Course In Miracles”. She and her colleague, the highly esteemed Dr. William Thetford, spent over seven years secretly committed to documenting what she was channeling. She struggled deeply during those years of dictation, fearing for her sanity as well as her reputation. When it was finally published, she insisted her name not be associated with the book until after her death, in 1981. Heaven or Helen not only gives us a back story of her unique life, but also takes us on an intimate inner journey—a journey reflecting the struggle we all face reconciling the worlds of the intellect and the supernatural. Through digital imagery, movement, original music and soundscapes, expect to be taken on a ride in and out of dimensional time and space. A multidisciplinary “time-based art” performance based on a true story.