Elizabeth Rothan in partnership with Portland Actors Conservatory presents

Hell Door Boogie

By ER Rothan
Graphic novel conceived by Russell Rothan

Directed by Falynn Burton & Eric Viale

FESTIVAL DATE: Jan 23 @ 10:30am

VENUE: Artists Repertory Theatre,
Studio 2,
1515 SW Morrison St.


Is there a chance to get out of Hell? One of Hell’s misfortunate souls, Broderick, comes across some outlawed contraband (A black market problem that has been running rampant since agents from the other side found a way to cross over.) Broderick, one of Satan’s workers who is responsible for cataloging, warehousing and destroying these artifacts succumbs to a particular piece of contraband, a fishbowl. Chaos, controversy and blackmail ensue when Broderick brings his beloved fish into his own living room filled with degenerates, bandits and egos that are embedded in the furniture. The introduction of the fishbowl begins a domino effect that eventually reaches the ear and piques the interest of Satan himself. Quote from Egostino “Where can one go, when one is as low as one can get?”