THURSDAY ~ February 4

Hot Mess – a Zombie Musical
By Mark LaPierre
Animation Direction by Ian Anderson-Priddy
Producer: SPECTRE Productions

Real life is too intense, so let’s retreat into something less frightening: zombies.  From the creatives behind 4×4=Musicals and John Hughes High: the 1980’s Teen Musical comes a new musical mashup where Harley Quinn meets Scooby Doo. The musical takes place on one wild night in a graveyard where one has come to mourn, one has come to murder, and many have come back from the dead! Tiffany, accompanied by her less-than-supportive boyfriend, Playa, thinks she’s coming to a funeral. But when zombies, a long lost friend with a dark secret and a distractingly sweet guy show up, the night devolves into a fight for her life, self-respect and love. Local favorites Erin Tamblyn, Joshua Stenseth, Megan Misslin, Kylie Clark Johnson, Míchel Castillo and Lauren Steele are joined by Top 10 Billboard Dance charting artist Sariah in this dance/pop musical.

Written by Mark LaPierre, Animation Direction by Ian Anderson-Priddy.  An experiment in form, this pop musical will be presented like a graphic novel with a dash of animation. This will be a screening of Part I. Content advisory for sexual situations, coarse language, comic violence and ribald comedy. 

(19 minutes)
EXPLICIT CONTENT – not suitable for children

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