TUESDAY ~ February 2

i defy you, stars
By Maddie Nguyen
Directed by Tim Wagoner
Producer: Do It for Mead* 

Presented by the ragtag group of artists known as Do It For Mead Productions, i defy you, stars is the story of June Tran, who tries to escape humanity by flying an unauthorized rocketship to the Moon. While in space, she relates the story of her interpersonal relationships and their breakdowns while simultaneously coming into conflict with the NASA capcom assigned to negotiate her return to Earth. Isolation, connection, and the Vietnamese folktale of the Man in the Moon all play a part in this young woman’s Quixotic quest of attempting to both increase and decrease the distance between herself and others. Written and performed by Maddie Nguyen, this new solo show examines the relief of being seen and understood, and the painful reality of how much human beings need each other to survive.

*GROW AWARD recipient

(97 minutes)

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