SATURDAY ~ January 30

I’ll Tell You How To Love Me
By Kapu Waia’u Dancel
Directed by Kapu Waia’u Dancel & Romnick Dancel
Producer: Brave Ass Scaredy Cat

I’ll Tell You How To Love Me is an original visual short story by Kapu Waiaʻu Dancel and Brave Ass Scaredy Cat. This modern moʻolelo explores the intersection of spoken word, dance, and performing art in a tale of backward wisdom. I’ll Tell You How To Love Me is a love letter written to the world, but addressed to oneself–a story that gives tangible expression to an internal dialogue and struggle. Using poetry, song and dance, viewers are invited to listen and sit with an exploration of how we love and choose to be loved. It speaks to how trauma can shape us, but we can reclaim ourselves. Somewhere between words and movement this visual short story looks to illuminate one Wahine’s fight to feel her way through the dark and back to herself.

(7 minutes)  

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