Last Dance Productions presents
Last Dance

By Sky Yeager
Directed by Jonathan Walters

Festival Dates: Jan 19, 21, 27 @ 9:30; Jan 20, 26, 28 @ 7:30; Jan 22, 29 @ 4pm

Venue: The Headwaters
55 NE Farragut St. #4

Tickets : $15; $12 Students/Artists

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Last Dance is a new original piece, combining theatre, projection, dance and music that details one angel’s complicated and liberating transference into human form occurring in real time over the course of an evening. The play, written by Sky Yeager, is created/performed by actor and butoh dancer Kat Macmillan and actor Jaime Lee Christina and directed by Jonathan Walters.  Last Dance explores notions of suicide, agency in life and spiritual purpose. The characters journey invites the audience to ponder what really happens on the “other side” of life after death or before birth.  The question of “how precious life really is” is a theme woven throughout the thought process of this once divine being incarnating in order to feel human love.  The guardian angel that warned her not to take that leap is in tow, by turns vicariously living through her charge and also protecting and attempting to bring her back. Last Dance is an experience, which in the end encourages the audience to take hold of their own choices, suspend their beliefs and disbeliefs and live their lives to the fullest, trusting the divine wisdom in each and every heartbeat.